The Loyolan Paper being delivered

The Loyolan Centennial

Save the date for the celebration of the century:

  • Friday, Sept. 30 (early evening): Loyolan alumni happy hour
  • Saturday, Oct. 1 (early evening): Loyolan special archives tour, cocktails and dinner on the bluff
  • Sunday, Oct. 2 (morning): Mass at Sacred Heart Chapel, breakfast to follow in Loyolan newsroom

More details coming soon.

Mascot Iggy reading LMU Loyolan newspaper

The Loyolan is 100!

The anniversary year will highlight The Loyolan, its staff/alumni, readers, and share ideas of what the future holds in the changing world of media. Check back often for historic snapshots and stories, staff reflections and event updates!

The Los Angeles Loyolan elevates students’ educational experiences, provides jobs, and captures the stories of today so they can be remembered tomorrow.

Make a difference in the lives of our students with your gift, and help lead us into the next 100 years.


Support Our Student Leaders

On the 100th anniversary of this campus institution student service, our goal is to raise $50,000 to significantly strengthen the Loyolan Merit Endowed Scholarship Fund and support student journalism for years to come.
You have a chance to shape the lives of students and help continue the legacy of this student-run news outlet at LMU. Support the Loyolan Scholarship with a gift on Day of Giving!

Since the fund was established in 2008, 52 student staff members have received a scholarship from the fund. These scholarship does not impact any other need-based or merit-based aid a student may have obtained through the LMU Financial Aid office. Donations to the Fund are designated for student scholarships and are not earmarked for other operations of the Loyolan. These scholarships are essential in allowing the Loyolan to attract and retain talented students.

Student Testimonials

Four scholarship recipients holding an issue of The Loyolan

“It is in the newsroom where we gained the ‘whole person’ education that LMU prides itself on. It gave us more practical skills than any other job on campus could have and brought out strengths that we never knew existed. As we are sure you remember, the newsroom was a home for us: it was where we were challenged, where we put our leadership skills to the test, where we fine-tuned our writing skills. Not a day passed that we weren’t learning something new in the office.”

- Danielle (Corkhill) Velazquez ’10, former editor in chief and inaugural Loyolan Merit Scholarship recipient

“Without a doubt, my experiences at the Loyolan were the most defining and rewarding of my college career.  Through the Loyolan, I learned a countless number of invaluable life lessons. I honed my writing skills, I learned how to stay calm in the midst of a production crisis, and I learned to communicate effectively in a broad range of circumstances.”

- Kenzie O’Keefe ’12, former editor in chief and Loyolan Merit Scholarship recipient

Relive LMU's last 100 years through our university newspaper, The Loyolan, by visiting the Centennial Exhibit on the first floor of the William H. Hannon Library.

Start with the front pages on display now, and come again later as the exhibit continues to grow over the next few months. Check out this video of our students installing the exhibit!