Alumni Travel

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The AHI Experience

AHI Travel offers journeys-of-a-lifetime full of beauty, intellectual stimulation and unforgettable moments by land, sea and river. As the premier operator of deluxe travel programs for alumni associations and other discriminating institutions, they cater to educated travelers like you with unique access to iconic sights and hidden treasures, at a pace that is a pleasure, all in programs that exceed your expectations for quality, value, professionalism and security.

AHI's tradition of excellence dates back more than 50 years. They live and breathe travel to make each journey go like clockwork, freeing you to enjoy the magical moments and peace of mind our programs guarantee. AHI Travel is a family-owned company with an outstanding team of people around the world. That’s why traveling with them is like having a close relative reveal their corner of the world to you – with an insider’s resources, a native’s knowledge and a friend’s care. You’ll feel like a better person for the experience – one who seizes life’s rewards and goes!

We are currently offering the following trips: