Alfred J. Kilp, SJ '30 Scholarship & Raymunde McKay, RSHM Scholarship

The 2018 - 2019 Alfred J. Kilp, SJ '30 and Raymunde McKay, RSHM scholarship application for incoming freshmen and transfer students is now available. Apply here. Students will use the same credentials as the Application Status page.

The Alumni Association provides annual scholarships to undergraduate students who are children and grandchildren of alumni of Loyola University, Marymount College or Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The direct descendants of alumni are very important to the University and the Alumni Association. These scholarships are named in honor of two outstanding individuals: Alfred J. Kilp, SJ '30 was a loved Jesuit priest and alumnus who devoted most of his adult life in service to the University. Raymunde McKay, RSHM is the former president of Marymount College.

Only one application is necessary for both scholarships and is only open to all incoming students to the university, both new freshman and transfer students. If students continue to maintain the minimum requirements they will receive the scholarship for a maximum of four years or through graduation, whichever comes first. The McKay Scholarship is based on financial need while the Kilp Scholarship reviews financial need but it is not an overriding factor. Financial need is assessed by the LMU Financial Aid Office. All applicants for the McKay Scholarship must have a completed financial aid application on file (FASFA) with the LMU Financial Aid Office to be eligible.

African American Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

The African American Alumni Association Scholarship was established in 2003 by LMU alumni, faculty and staff to provide financial assistance to deserving undergraduate African-American LMU students. Since its inception, the scholarship fund has raised more than $1.8 million; much of which has come from individual donors and alumni gifts.

Latino Alumni Association Annual Scholarship

The LMU Latino Alumni Association, a legacy of the Mexican American Alumni Association, was established in 1981 by a group of dedicated alumni with the common goal of fostering the next generation of Latino leaders. Since its inception, our community has awarded more than 1,400 scholarships for more than $3 million, thanks in part to the 2:1 match from the university on all scholarships from the LMU Latino Alumni Association, up to $150,000 each academic year.

iModules Scholarship Program

The iModules Scholarship Program annually provides individual financial scholarships to students enrolled in secondary or higher education institutions that are current iModules clients. The LMU Alumni Association is a client of iModules, therefore both incoming and returning LMU students are eligible.

For more information, contact the Alumni Association at 310.338.3065 or

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