Edward J. Susank '66

Arts & Sciences

I'm delighted that LMU is again willing to recognize Loyola University of Los Angeles, the institution from which I graduated. I could tell many stories about the "U" but I'll limit myself to the one that had the greatest influence on my life. In 1964, Father Richard Trame wanted to improve the quality of choral music at the university. His solution involved two major sales jobs. First he had to convince the university to replace the long serving conductor of the Men's Glee Club, William Hollenbeck; second he had to convince Paul Salamunovich to take the job. He met some strong resistance but fortunately he ultimately succeeded. Father Trame demonstrated that under the right conductor, an all men's college without a music department could compete artistically with other much larger institutions. I and presumably all the other alumni of what became the Loyola Men's Chorus are grateful to the late Father Trame for his foresight and courage and to Paul Salamunovich for his many years of dedication to the university. Go Lions!