Dr. Bob Sclabassi '62

Putting technology to work in neurophysiology.

Dr. Bob Sclabassi '62, Doctor and Entrepreneur

Dr. Bob Sclabassi carefully monitored the patient from 6,700 miles away. Working from a hotel room in Tianjin, China, Bob could detect any troubling fluctuations in neuroaxis responses during surgery and immediately communicate to the operating room in Pittsburgh.

Bob is founder of Computational Diagnostics Inc., which develops tools and techniques for remote monitoring of the human nervous system during surgery. Bob's multidisciplinary background in engineering, business, medicine and research has allowed him to create this and other innovative medical technologies. "I know there are many people functioning today because we were able to prevent damage to the brain with the information that we fed back to the surgeons."

His career has been a mix of academia and entrepreneurial business. Bob was a longtime professor of neurophysiology at the University of Pittsburgh before he retired, and he has served as director of neurophysiology centers at Pittsburgh hospitals. Meanwhile, his companies have attracted attention and funding from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Army's Small Business Innovation Research program.

About his Loyola experience, Bob, who holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering in addition to his medical degree, says, "I learned how to write and think in a nontechnical way, and it immediately propelled me ahead of others in the field."