Dr. Edison H. Miyawaki '52

Pursuing two interests: health care and sports.

Dr. Edison H. Miyawaki '52, Co-Owner, Cincinnati Bengals and Reds

Dr. Edison Miyawaki admits that when he got to college, he didn't know what he wanted to do. It wasn't until the Jesuits at Loyola University encouraged him to pursue medicine that he found his niche.

"Science is in the family genes. My mom was interested in science, and on my dad's side was business — he had a very successful real estate business in Hiroshima."

Edison, who was born in Hawaii but raised in Japan until he was 17, makes a living today by combining those pursuits: He's the pioneering president, chairman and CEO of Family Health I and II, which operates sub-acute hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in Honolulu. First brought to the island by Edison, these facilities serve patients who need continuing, complex care after an acute illness.

Outside Family Health, Edison's involvement in sports runs deep. He's part owner of the Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds, and he is one of the reasons the NFL's Pro Bowl is in Hawaii. And in education and philanthropy, his name is on numerous scholarships, teaching chairs and board rosters. In Edison's own words, he's "for the underdog" — because he was one.

"The Lord has been good to me, and I think that drives me 100 percent. Things get pretty rough running a hospital. Every day you have problems, but you have faith in the good Lord, and somehow he comes through."