Henry Jordan '78

Offering inspiration and leadership in the financial arena.

Henry Jordan '78, CEO and Chairman, Wells Fargo Capital Finance

Henry Jordan's introduction to the world of finance came during his undergraduate years in the form of the highly influential Professor Paul Grosch. "You knew you could become a CPA if you made it through his classes."

Today, Henry is chairman and CEO of Wells Fargo Capital Finance, which provides commercial finance solutions to 2,500 customers nationwide and provides secured financing solutions for companies worth from $5 million to $500 million. "My job is to bring inspiration and leadership to 1,800 plus team members." He accomplishes this by keeping in contact: Since 2000, he has emailed an inspirational "thought of the day" every working day to all his team members. He also makes quarterly visits to the operating offices for breakfast or lunch presentations.

As his career advanced, Henry maintained ties to LMU, working closely with the College of Business Administration's Center for Ethics and Business. "The longer I'm in business, the more important I find people's personal integrity and ethics." He sees the Center for Ethics as a bridge from the academic world to business, giving students a feel for the decisions they will have to make in their careers. "When the students are faced with challenges, the question becomes: Are you doing the right thing for the customer?"