Kathy Nielsen '76

Minding the business of show business.

Kathy Nielsen '76, Senior Vice President, Columbia TriStar

Kathy Nielsen is LMU's ticket to the movies. Nielsen, a native of Los Angeles and the senior vice president and controller for Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, is host of the Presidential Donors Night at the Movies. The annual event brings alumni to the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City for first-run and yet-to-be-released film screenings and a reception.

"Everybody loves it. It's a chance to show appreciation to donors and to introduce more Sony executives to our alums." The event sells out within minutes every year.

You might not see her name in the credits, but Kathy's contribution to film after film is the important bottom line. She is in charge of assessing the financial performance of all aspects of the company's releases. Her introduction to the movie industry came during her first CPA job out of LMU, when she was assigned to a studio account.

Her enthusiasm for making a difference in education also extends to health care. As a young graduate, Kathy saw her sister, an independent contractor who did not have insurance benefits, struggle to get health care. Since then, Kathy has had a 30-year association with the Women's Clinic & Family Counseling Center in West L.A., where she serves on the board of directors. "I really feel that education and health care are two things people need to get their arms around to make a difference."