Mike Steed '71, Law '74

Working toward the next step.

Mike Steed '71, Law '74, Lawyer, Philanthropist

There's a certain dichotomy to Mike Steed's life. On one hand, he's always wanted to be his own boss. "I didn't want to work for anybody," explains the founder and managing partner of Paladin Capital Group. "I wanted to create my own business and to execute on my own beliefs and ideas." On the other hand, Mike strongly believes in serving others, a value reinforced while attending LMU, where he is now a trustee. "I'm driven by the Jesuit tradition. It's part of the human makeup."

Combine the two and you have a career filled with passion and compassion. Among his many philanthropic pursuits, Mike is a founding board member of the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, a nonprofit organization committed to helping people from devastated countries realize their dreams of freedom.

Meanwhile, Paladin Capital manages private equity funds that primarily invest in worker-friendly companies with strong growth potential. In other words, Mike's company invests with an eye on creating jobs.

"A lot of people say (money managers') fiduciary responsibility is to focus only on getting a great return no matter how they get it. It's important to know it's not all about the money; it's about the people. I want each pensioner who has worked hard all their life to have a better retirement, and I want men and women to have great jobs to support their families and communities. If I can achieve both of these, great returns and new jobs, then it is a grand plan."