Tom Leach '08

Following his entrepreneurial passions to shape the TV landscape.

Tom Leach '08, TV Producer and founder, Media RED

Tom Leach, a self-described "entertainment entrepreneur" – not to mention two-time member of Forbes' annual "30 under 30" list, which names "the brightest stars under the age of 30" – doesn't miss a beat if you ask him about his general life philosophy.

"It's three words: Seize your someday. Instead of saying 'some day,' why don't you go after it and make it a reality?"

Tom walks the talk. As a film student at LMU, he helped found the ROAR Network, the school's student-run TV station, and used that experience to land internships at places like ABC. Later, as a grad student at UCLA, he worked with big production names like Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Hanks. He learned to pitch ideas for TV shows and, after graduating, did a stint with the Discovery Channel before partnering with famed executive television producer Mark Burnett. As Burnett's VP of development, he worked on "The Voice," while also creating his dream show: "Space Race," a "Survivor"-like show where the winner gets to take a galactic joyride.

Tom founded Media RED, the production company he now runs with his former college roommate, Michael Bartel '08, and his brother, Michael '11. So far, they've sold two cable TV shows in the company's first four months.

"If someone had told me at 28, you'll have all this, I would've maybe dreamed it, but I can't say that I expected it. I feel like I've hardly accomplished 10 percent of my dreams. I feel like I have such a long way to go – that this is just the beginning."