Coach John Mayer (beach volleyball)

LMU Coach John Mayer (beach volleyball)

What do you love most about LMU?
The quality of the people who are drawn to LMU. We have hard working, down to earth and fun student athletes. I love that LMU focuses on the person first. We value who you are more than how you perform.

It’s also in the ideal location for the sport of beach volleyball. We’re sandwiched between Manhattan Beach and Santa Monica and practice on the best beaches in the world.

Why are you proud to be a Lion?
I’m proud to be a Lion because it means you are committed to excellence. Being a Lion means you’re going to go out and work for want you want to achieve. And you aren’t going to do it for fame but because you care for your people and your team.

What’s the most valuable skill you learned at LMU?
To be a lifelong learner. Tom Black who was the previous indoor volleyball coach instilled in me this idea of wanting to learn more and be better. Once you open yourself up to that curiosity and that possibility coaching and the world are pretty exciting places.

Advice or words of encouragement to recent graduates we’re welcoming into the LMU Alumni Association?
Spend time getting to know what you’re like at your best and what you value. If you are clear on your values you can lead a purposeful life. Also, the world will continue to evolve so continue to develop your ‘soft skills’ like curiosity, initiative, responsibility, etc. Those skills are the ones that will serve you in the ever changing work space. Knowing the superficial details of a job will only get you so far.

How did you get into coaching?
I come from a family of educators and always wanted to be someone who helped others grow. I always loved sport and learned so much from my coaches. I found helping someone grow in the sports arena was way more fun than in the classroom so I figured out that coaching was a better fit for me than teaching.

What is your favorite drill at practice?
I’m not a big fan of drills. We actually don’t really do any drills. We do activities, we play games and we compete. My favorite game varies depending on the athlete. The most effective games are filled with challenge and have an element that really pushes the athlete to stretch themselves. The best games always have a Pass-Set and a Hit!

In 6-words or less, share a personal motto:
Committed to Excellence

Favorite happy hour drink? I actually am not an alcohol drinker. For me, it’s hard to improve on water.
Favorite local happy hour spot around LMU? Uzumaki Sushi
Favorite/highly recommended beverage-n-bites pairing for a happy hour? Chips and guac and water
Favorite bar game? Table Tennis (ping pong for the amateurs)

Song you currently have stuck in your head on repeat?
Every Little Bit Hurts by Title Tracks