Perks and Discounts

As alumni of LMU you are a lifelong member of the LMU Alumni Association, which entitles you to the benefits and services listed below. There are no dues to be a member of the LMU Alumni Association.

Please note that you may hear from these companies from time to time. Be advised that the University is aware of their efforts and closely monitors their outreach to you. Please be assured that LMU does not sell alumni data and your privacy is of utmost importance. View LMU's Alumni Association Privacy Policy.

  • Membership

    LMU alumni are eligible to join University Credit Union. A few of their services include car loans, computer purchase loans, personal loans, home equity and home improvement loans and worldwide ATM access. View their website or call 800.UCU.4510 for more info.

    Certificate Special

    You deserve to earn more on your savings! Don't miss your opportunity to take advantage of a limited-time 5.00% APY* 8-month certificate offer from University Credit Union. Open an account today!

    *APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Terms and conditions apply.

  • As a member of the LMU Alumni Association, you now have access to dedicated health care navigators who are available to help you find Cedars-Sinai care you need, when you need it. Call 1-800-CEDARS-1 (1-800-233-2771) to get started.

  • LMU Venue Rental Discounts

    LMU's Conference Services has an array of event spaces to rent for private events. LMU alumni receive a 25% discount for on-campus event space rentals (weddings excluded).

    Library Access

    LMU alumni have free access to the William H. Hannon Library and also receive a discounted fee for borrowing privileges.

    Burns Recreation Center

    All LMU alumni are eligible to purchase a Burns Recreation Center membership, which will grant them access to the Fitness Center, multi-purpose courts, tennis courts, group fitness classes and swimming pool. Alumni must visit the OneCard office to receive their alumni OneCard before signing up for a BRC membership. Click here for cost and more information.

    LMU Extension

    Alumni receive a 10% discount on all LMU Extension courses, which include a variety of credit and non-credit programs, providing educational opportunities to many different audiences, both on and off campus, and online.

    Transcript Requests

    Official transcripts of courses taken at the University are available through the Office of the Registrar free of charge for alumni.

    Duplicate Diploma Requests

    Alumni can order a duplicate diploma for $25 through the Office of the Registrar.

  • Alumni Gear

    Show your LMU pride with the latest alumni gear sold online by the LMU Bookstore. View their website to shop now.

    LMU Athletics Gear

    Show up to your next zoom meeting representing your favorite teams. Shop online at the official online store for the LMU Lions. Alumni get 10% off and all proceeds benefit LMU athletics. View their website to shop now. 

  • Cheer on your Lions! 

    Purchase tickets for LMU athletics or check the schedules for our many non-ticketed sports. Please click on the sport or call the ticket office for more information at 310.338.5466.

  • LMU offers seven different full-day sports camps over the course of the summer for kids ages 5-13 (age 5 – prior to entering 7th or 8th grade, depending on sport). The camps offered include Swimming, Baseball, Boy's Basketball, Girl's Basketball, Soccer, Softball, and Tennis! Whether you are sending your own kids or purchasing a gift for a friend, LMU Sports Camps are a fun way to spend a week of summer.

    Click here to visit the website and sign up! Alumni are invited to use the discount code LMUALUMNI when checking out to receive $30 off.

  • Visit the Campus Ministry website to view information and see if you're eligible to make marriage reservations in Sacred Heart Chapel.

  • The LMU Alumni email forwarding service is provided free of charge to alumni of LMU. Once you activate your alumni email forwarding address, all messages sent to your alumni email forwarding address will be re-directed to the email address of your choice. Here's how to set it up:

    Log into the LMU Alumni Community.
    Navigate to the Email Forwarding section of your profile and click Edit.
    Click the option to opt into email forwarding.
    Enter a forwarding address and save your changes.
    You will receive a confirmation email to the forwarding email address once you have signed up, which will contain your alumni email address. Your new alumni email address is an address in the format This address is not a stand-alone email account; it is a service that will forward emails sent to your alumni address to your personal email account.

    LMU will decommission the Lion email accounts of all LMU graduates 2 full academic terms after your last enrollment date (about 9-10 months), and you will not be able to access your student account either through the web or using a desktop email program. If you are still using your Lion account, please update anywhere you are using it to your new alumni address. 

    Is this an email account?

    No, this is an email forwarding address which is linked to an existing email account. Once you activate your alumni email forwarding address, all messages sent to your alumni e-mail forwarding address will be re-directed to the email address of your choice. Email Forwarding is a service that helps friends, family, and colleagues stay in touch with you. You may have many email addresses throughout your life, but people can always send email to your address, and it will be forwarded along to any address you specify. You no longer have to tell everyone how to contact you.

    I already have an email account. Why would I want Email Forwarding?

    Your email account will often change when you move, travel, start a new job, or change ISPs. To stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues, you have to notify them of this new address. In addition, during the transition to a new email account, you may miss important emails from them. By using Email Forwarding, you no longer have to notify everyone of your email address change. Your Email Forwarding address will be with you for life. People will always be able to reach you through your address.

    Will I be able to send email from this address?

    No, this is only an email forwarding address.

    Can I change my username or my alumni email address?

    No, you cannot change it because it is automatically generated.

    Will my email forwarding address allow me to forward emails to multiple accounts?

    No, you can only choose one email address to forward emails to.

    I am sending an email to forwarding address using the email address it is linked to, but am not receiving it.

    You will not be able to send yourself emails using your connected email account to your forwarding account. For example, if your forwarding address is linked to "", you will not be able to send an email to your "" address using "". You will not receive this message into your inbox.

    As an alumni, you still have access to the LMU alumni community, PROWL, transcripts requests, and Handshake.