Coach Paul Krumpe (men's soccer)

LMU Coach Paul Krumpe (men's soccer)

What do you love most about LMU? 
I love the small size of the school and class sizes. Feels like a close kniot family.

What keeps you connected?
Had the opportunity to coach my two sons here who played for me. Still feel very connected to the soccer program and the alums.

Why are you proud to be a Lion?
Lions hunt in a pride. All about teamwork…

Funny memory that comes to mind while you were on the Bluff?
So many overtime, golden goals wins come to mind. Tough for opponents, but awesome for us. Great feeling!

What’s the most valuable skill you learned at LMU?
Working as a collective entity, with staff and administration and student athletes way more successful than trying to or having to go by yourself

Advice or words of encouragement to recent graduates we’re welcoming into the LMU Alumni Association?
Once a Lion, always a Lion…You have a family you can always turn to here…

What I Wish I Knew?
Wish I knew that for the next 20 years I would still wake up after a dream (nightmare) and think I had missed studying for a final.

How did you get into coaching?
2nd choice. 1st choice was aerospace engineering, which after playing 5 years of pro soccer, the industry was severely downsizing, so I became a soccer, track and cross-country coach and a HS math teacher.

What is your favorite drill at practice?
Called Goals in Tight. Small sized version of game with players who serve as barriers on the outside. And 1 bounce guys!

In 6-words or less, share a personal motto:
Cant score if you don’t shoot

Favorite happy hour appetizer? Calimari
Favorite cocktail / beer or brewery / wine or winery? Jack Daniels Tennessee fire and coke…
Favorite local happy hour spot around LMU: Cinco
Favorite/highly recommended beverage-n-bites pairing for a happy hour? Stella and sour dough with olive oil and balsamic for dipping
Favorite bar game: Trivia

Song you currently have stuck in your head on repeat?
Immigrant Song…Led Zeppelin