Richard Robin, S.J.

Richard Robin, S.J. Interview

What do you love most about LMU? 
I love the location, I love being on the bluff, I love the students, the faculty and the staff. It’s hard to say – what I love the most is complicated. I’d have to think about that for a while.

What keeps you connected?
The many friends that I’ve made. All of the alumni that I’m still in contact with, and that I see and talk to and email. That gives me a lot of satisfaction/happiness.

Why are you proud to be a Lion?
(laughs) I know what it means and I guess I’ve never been fond of that slogan we have. (Once a Lion, Always a Lion) I’ve never really cared for it, so that’s a problem with me. (Why?) I think a lion is… very gender. There’s lions and lionesses and I think we should have lions AND lionesses so it sort of turns me off because of that.

If not a lion, what animal would you be and why?
I have no idea, probably a dog. I had dogs when I was a kid and I like dogs. A beagle. It’s my first dog. Skippy was the name.

Funny memory that comes to mind while you were on the Bluff?
Maybe my nickname. The first president I served under, or the second one really, and I got the nickname – Vice President of Pretty. He gave me the job of making sure the campus really looked good – buildings, grounds, everything! So I’d walk around and tell Facilities & Maintenance things that needed improvements. It was sort of neat, but people would call me the Vice President of Pretty.

What’s the most valuable skill you learned at LMU?
Patience. Things don’t happen immediately.

Advice or words of encouragement to recent graduates we’re welcoming into the LMUAA?
Look to the future – the future is always better than the past, no matter what. Even though we don’t think so sometimes. & you really need to extend yourself more to push yourself to do your very best at everything you attempt to do. That’s important. Don’t be half-hearted at anything you do.

What lead you to the Jesuit community and the career path you ultimately took?
When I was in HS I was very much impressed by young Jesuits. I liked what they were doing and had the idea that I wanted to be like them.

Preferred way to take your beverage?  Straight, on the rocks – vodka. Belvedere. Tito’s is awful.

In 6-words or less, share a personal motto:
No. I never had one I don’t think.

Favorite Global Happy Hour appetizer? Margarita – margarita with chili con queso & guacamole. Hot! I like VERY SPICY chili con queso, I like my mouth to burn.

Favorite local happy hour spot or business while at LMU? No – I like to leave the territory.

Song you currently have stuck in your head on repeat?
Rockin’ Robin – no particular version, it just comes to mind every now and then.