Carlos Cruz-Aedo ’86, MBA ’92

Carlos Cruz-Aedo ’86, MBA ’92


Tell Us What Connected You to This Organization
My inspiration were young students that wanted to raise money for their favorite charity when they played tennis recreationally and or in tournaments. When I told them that I could not find one org that does that they said that we should start one ourselves. So we did.

What Inspires You About the Organization, Mission or Your Role
The opportunity to do something that you already love in this case playing tennis, with doing something for a local or National Organization that supports great causes in itself.

Share Advice to Guide Students Hoping to Pursue a Career with Social Impact or in Nonprofit Industries
For those that want to pursue a career in this area I would have you look at there mission, successes, Benchmark that they use and also there hopefully high percentage of funds that go directly back into their programs.

Tell us how others can get volunteer with your cause
We are always looking for volunteers to help us on social media or other Communications to promote to high schools and other tennis groups.

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