Cristina Cuellar ’04, ’09

LMU Lion Acts of Service Cristina Cuellar ’04, ’09


Tell Us What Connected You to This Organization
Operation Progress is a feel good organization with proven success that gives youth in Watts and South LA communities opportunities to set themselves apart and thrive through programs rooted in academic excellence, life skill development, health & wellness growth, service to others, and support & safety partnerships. We collaborate with local catholic schools to provided scholarships, LAPD to engage in mentoring, and other organizations to contribute to a well-rounded educational experience.

What Inspires You About the Organization, Mission or Your Role
It is inspiring to empower underserved youth to become educated, ethical and productive adults who reach their full potential and positively contribute to society. That is the mission of OP, and it is extremely rewarding to bear witness to the transformative qualities that develop in a young person. When it leads to positive impact and a shift in their community the effects are lasting.

Share Advice to Guide Students Hoping to Pursue a Career with Social Impact or in Nonprofit Industries
Students hoping to pursue a career with social impact in the non-profit world must remember that change takes time. Articulating a vision, mapping out goals and outcomes, declaring the impact you want to have on the community being served, experiencing some roadblocks, re-assessing and re-imagining, and sharing your story are all part of the journey. It takes heart to serve those standing on the margins, and it's because of our heart that we engage to create meaningful and impactful change.

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