Cyndi Terry Kershner ’90

Cyndi Terry Kershner stands in front of a tree


Tell Us What Connected Your Nominee to This Organization
I became interested in conservation and propagation of native plants as I became educated on the issues we face as many antibiotics are losing their effectiveness due to over-prescribing and bacteria developing resistance to most common antibiotics. I concurrently became concerned about the over-harvesting of medicinal plants to the point that many native medicinal plants are now endangered.

What Inspires You About the Organization, Mission or Your Nominee's Role
It's important for places and cultures to maintain connections to the native plants in their areas, and to propagate them for the health of their ecosystems, which depend on these plants to thrive, otherwise invasives will take over and native plants, both medicinal and not, will become extinct along with the birds, insects and wider ecosystems that depend on them.

Share Advice to Guide Students Hoping to Pursue a Career with Social Impact or in Nonprofit Industries
You can educate yourself about the importance of intact ecological systems to the environment and climate, and how native plants keep ecosystems in balance. You can take the next step and create a plant sanctuary on your property and educate others about this important issue.


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