Dr. Michael Cersosimo M.A. ’11

Dr. Michael Cersosimo


Tell Us What Connected Your Nominee to This Organization
I was attending graduate school at LMU, earning my M.A. in Guidance and Counseling. As I started to make my career transition, I was trying to find different ways to stay involved in filmmaking as that was my background. I attended an education job fair at LMU and Venice Arts was there. I felt like it could be a great fit as it combined my background in filmmaking and counseling. I started volunteering shortly after as an artist-mentor in the film classes and I have never looked back!

What Inspires You About the Organization, Mission or Your Nominee's Role
Venice Arts provides at-risk youth an opportunity to learn filmmaking, photography, animation, and even comics. I have worked with a lot of kids over the last 12 years, and we have made a lot of great films. It is awesome to see them grow as both filmmakers and young people. To think I am part of that journey and development no matter how big or small is really special to me. I feel the organization is much more than just making films. That is only one piece of what we really do.

Share Advice to Guide Students Hoping to Pursue a Career with Social Impact or in Nonprofit Industries
Find something that you are passionate about and an organization that is aligned with your goals and values. I strongly believe in the work that we do at Venice Arts. I volunteer because I love it, I have fun, and I feel like I have become a better person. That is why you can still find me at the Venice Arts art gallery most Saturday mornings.


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