Rozalyn Lucero Corona ’00

LMU Lion Acts of Service Rozalyn Lucero Corona ’00


Tell Us What Connected You or Your Nominee to This Organization
I’m actually the founder of a women’s group now turning LLC. Our initial goal was to not only empower women but give them a foundation and a platform for sharing information. More details to come soon!

What Inspires You About the Organization, Mission or Your Nominee's Role
What inspires me about this mission, and my role now with this new venture is to continue pushing females where they need to be i.e. new job opportunities, uplifted, supported in times of need. Not to mention I’m finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a corporate sales trainer. I will be launching a formal announcement of our LLC next June.

Share Advice to Guide Students Hoping to Pursue a Career with Social Impact or in Nonprofit Industries
The advice that I would give to any prospective student Is to always remain confident. Don’t ever think that timing is not right if you have it in your heart to do some thing and have the means keep pushing yourself. Stay around people who will continue to push you.

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