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LMU Alumni Ambassador Program

Global Happy Hour alumni in Portland
Global Happy Hour, Portland

LMU's Alumni Ambassador programs empower alumni to serve as volunteers amongst the affinity group(s) they feel the most connected to, including but not limited to:  

Roles & Responsibilities

Through the programs, ambassadors meaningfully engage with the university, fellow alumni and students by:

  • Giving back to a meaningful program or organization at the university
  • Attending and participating in ambassador programs and meetings
  • Sharing and promoting LMU updates and initiatives to their Lion network
  • Volunteering in leadership roles at LMU programs
  • Mentoring and supporting current students and/or fellow alumni

Why Participate?

  • Expand and strengthen your Lion network by meeting and connecting with alumni who share the same love and passion for LMU as you do
  • Make an impact on a student’s LMU experience
  • Inspire others to get involved and meaningfully engage with the university

Brand Ambassadors

Fly your LMU flag high! LMU Brand Ambassadors leverage the power of their social networks to help LMU reach new audiences, especially on social media. It's an easy way to support LMU while elevating your own online presence. Visit here for more information or to sign up.

Interested in getting involved?

Fill out our interest form here.

For questions, contact or 310.338.3065.

LMU LAA Ambassador Freddy Cupen-Ames ’11
Freddy Cupen-Ames ’11
Learn more about why Freddy Cupen-Ames ’11 loves staying connected with LMU by serving as an LAA Ambassador!
API Ambassador Chris Louie ’91
Chris Louie ’91
Learn more about why Chris Louie ’91 loves staying connected with LMU by serving as an API Ambassador!
LMU Regional Ambassadors Kelley ’11 and Matt Brown ’11
Kelley ’11 and Matt Brown ’11
Learn more about why Kelley ’11 and Matt Brown ’11 love to stay connected with LMU by serving as Regional Ambassadors!
LMU AAAA Ambassador Ra’Kenna Lucky ’08
Ra'Kenna Joseph Luckey ’08
Learn more about why Ra'Kenna Joseph Luckey ’08 loves staying connected with LMU by serving as an AAAA Ambassador!