Isaac Cardenas ’20

LMU Lion Acts of Service Isaac Cardenas ’20

Mercy Volunteer Corps

Tell Us What Connected You to This Organization
I was supposed to serve in Ecuador after graduating from LMU in 2020. Although the pandemic canceled those plans, I still felt called to accompany others. I applied for a volunteer position at ICA Cristo Rey in San Francisco that was offered through Mercy Volunteer Corps (MVC) because I resonated with MVC’s commitment to compassionate service and spiritual growth. My first year of service inspired me to do a second service term as a Spiritual Care Assistant at Mercy Health in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What Inspires You About the Organization, Mission or Role
I love working in Spiritual Care at a hospital! It has been healing to offer my compassionate presence to patients and their caregivers (nurses, loved ones, etc.). As a kid, I felt insecure for being “too sensitive,” but now, I value how my emotional awareness fosters a sacred space for others to trust me enough to process their experiences. My favorite part is working with chaplains because they help me deepen my capacity to stay spiritually rooted when I enter someone's life.

Share Advice to Guide Students Hoping to Pursue a Career with Social Impact or in Nonprofit Industries
Be open to the lessons that others will teach you. Service is meaningful because we get to share our lives and gifts with each other. So, before rushing to change things, risk being changed by the community you want to serve with.

If you’re curious about doing service with MVC’s placements in education, healthcare, or social services, act fast. MVC’s priority deadline is mid-January and the final application deadline is mid-June.

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