Adam Emery ’19 and Vanessa Gomez ’19

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Couple hugging in front of Hannon Library

I had no idea he even existed until Spring of 2018, our junior year. He was a transfer, and I had been at LMU since my freshman year; I lived on campus all 4 years as well. I was a member of Tri Delta, and he was a Phi Delt. My Big was the one who said, "there is someone who wants to meet you, he thinks you're cute." I remember being surprised and asking how he even knew what I looked like, to which she responded, "Instagram."

There were a few occasions where he could have spoken with me but apparently, he was a bit shy and I was rather intimidating. I shook his hand for the first time in a car when we all piled in to go to After Sunset that year. We went out on our first "semi-date" when he asked me to go to Urth Cafe, but I ended up driving us to Starbucks so he could accompany me while I ran errands. You know how busy LMU lions can be! I decided to give him a chance and invite him to my Formal. Yay! One step forward! That is until he was too shy to dance with me... two steps back!

He was persistent and the definition of a true gentleman. He was scared of me, and I was nervous about him. What was my biggest fear? That he would see me all sweaty and red at the Burns Rec Center, with no makeup on. Eventually, we looked forward to passing each other on the way to classes and participating in more Greek life events together. He made it a point to not only befriend me but to befriend my friends as well (smart guy). We ended up having the best senior year together and we've been inseparable ever since. He is my best friend and my other half, and my forever errands partner. Meeting him was the best thing that came out of my LMU experience.