Lee Proctor ’72 and Ed Proctor ’71

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I arrived at LMU in the fall of 1969 coming from the small town of San Luis Obispo. Trying to meet new people, I was invited to a Sigma Phi Delta frat party. After a few months, the guys asked me to be a "little sister" for the fraternity. I went to most of their events with girls from the dorm (which I think was their reason for asking) thru the year.

At one of their annual pool parties, it was customary for all male guests - not members of the fraternity - to be thrown into the pool. All who came expected it and enjoyed the laughter that came with that. Seven of the guys lived in a home in Playa Del Rey with another student, Ed Proctor, who their dismay was a math major. Ed came to that pool party and after making sure his wallet, watch and glasses were safe, he was ceremoniously thrown in. Looking like a drowned rat, he stepped out of the pool, walked directly over to me and asked if I wanted to have dinner.

Engaged by Thanksgiving, 1970 and married July 3, 1971. This year is our 50th anniversary. Now half retired, living in Sacramento and Mt. Shasta, we are enjoying our almost adult grandchildren and loving life.