Christina Galajan ’18 and Harry Erganyan ’16

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Couple at LMU Sunken Gardens for Proposal

We met the first month of school at Sunken Garden for table day in August 2014. Christina was a freshman and Harry a junior. The next two years, while Harry was still at LMU, we became really close friends. Fast forward to February 2017, we started dating. After meeting at LMU, we both knew we couldn’t imagine going to a different school for law school and decided to attend the same law school.

Exactly 5 years from the day we met, Harry proposed at LMU in the middle of Sunken Gardens in August 2019. Harry just graduated law school in May 2020 and has passed the bar. Christina is following in his footsteps and is graduating this May. Our wedding is planned for September of this year. Our time at LMU taught us so much and left us with so many amazing memories, but we’re most grateful for allowing us to find each other. LMU was only just the beginning of our love story & will forever hold a special place in our heart.