Giovanna Dilorio ’04 and Chris Dilorio ’04

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LMU shaped us in so many ways and brought us together as a family. In college, our friend groups crossed paths but we didn't get to know each other until summer before junior year. We spent that summer working at our internships with MTV, going to the beach and on weekend trips. Remember the bowling alley next to the Fu? We were there every Wednesday. It wasn't that suave bowlero you see today. It was a divey, questionable place to spend a weeknight with the weekly bowling leagues and half priced drinks. While we tell the story in two different ways, the result is still the same. We celebrated birthdays, sorority and fraternity events, school concerts, basketball games and many more gatherings together on campus. Oh yes, we studied and went to school somewhere in the mix! We were raised in similar households, had the same catholic upbringing and we are both Italian. If you have Italian parents then you know this is a BIG DEAL! We became best friends immediately and strangely knew we'd be married one day. In 2009 we married in a catholic ceremony with 90% of the attendees being LMU graduates. We met the best of the best at LMU. We had our son in 2013 and our daughter in 2016. We take them to lmu (pre-covid) to play in sunken gardens and walk the campus to relive our years. In 2018 we took photos on campus to celebrate and recognize that we lived with our parents as long as we'd lived in Los Angeles. LMU was the cornerstone of our lives and shaped us for our adult future. We hope that every lion realizes what it means to be a part of this community and embrace all LMU has to offer!