Kristen Green ’12 and Julian Portera ’13

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Julian and I first met in 2010, when he moved into the same Rains hallway. We quickly became friends, and would work/study in the Rains study room, especially during finals! He was a bit of a procrastinator, so there was a particular moment where he was finishing two major assignments and was pulling an all-nighter. I saw him in the study room late at night, as I was walking back to my dorm, and he looked really stressed and tired. I went in there and gave him a big hug, letting him know everything was going to be okay. It was at that moment, that we both knew there could be something special between us.

As the year went on, we started hanging out more and more. By the time the school year ended, he worked up the courage to ask me out on an official date! Over the next two years, we both created a strong bond and foundational memories at LMU. Job searches, graduating, wondering what the future held for us, all things we were able to experience together, which only strengthened our relationship. Fast forward to today: we live together in downtown Long Beach, rescued an ex-racing greyhound named Ms. Lois, have flourishing careers and are ENGAGED! We couldn't be happier, and are forever grateful to LMU for bringing us together. Once a Lion, ALWAYS a Lion!!!