Jessica (Bowman) Turcios ’14 Leonard Turcios ’14

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Freshman year I knew of my wife, Jessica Bowman, through mutual friends and crossing each other's paths regularly in the dorm building, Del Rey South. Although things became more serious after I saw her and asked her to dance at the Sursum Corda ABC Dance. After that night we spent nearly every day with each other. Jessica majored in Dance, and I loved watching her perform at the Fall and Spring showcases. She even included me in the student run spring show, Impulse, as well as her senior thesis. As I majored in Electrical Engineering, we didn't have much opportunity to share classes. Although during our last semester senior year we were both able to take African Drumming with Monti Ellison, that was a blast. Since graduating from LMU in 2014 we've gotten married, traveled, bought a house, and now live in Washington with our two beautiful kids, Isaac (3-year-old) and Aria (1-year-old).