Brent Lloyd ’12 and Pricilla Cotton ’12

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Pricilla enrolled and began her undergraduate journey at LMU in the fall of 2008, living in Del Rey South.

Brent enrolled at LMU to join the following spring semester. As Brent got notification of his acceptance, he did what anyone did back in those days, which to update his Facebook education status to display as a LMU Lion and join the LMU Facebook group.

The very first person to reach out and welcome Brent to the Lion family just so happened to be Pricilla, who was encouraged by her friend and Brent's new roommate. Luckily for Brent, Pricilla was a frequent visitor of the Whelan dorm, having prior friendships with a couple of fellow Los Angelenos and new friendships with many of the others there.

Pricilla and Brent quickly formed a friendship over a common love of good eats, and Pricilla made sure to show OC-native Brent around all of the amazing food options not just local to LMU, but around her native Los Angeles.

Separately, Pricilla and Brent had earned the nickname "Mom" and "Dad" from their friend group for always looking out for them as they went about their merriment and drove them around to local Dockweiler beach on a weekly basis.

By the end of the their freshman year, Brent and Pricilla went on one final food date to one of Pricilla's favorite Thai restaurants before the summer break. After the meal was finished, Brent presented Pricilla with a necklace and asked if they could continue seeing each other during the summer. Seven years to the day later, Brent and Pricilla said their "I do's" and got married!

We will forever be grateful for LMU bringing us together and providing a wonderful environment to propel us into our futures together!